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Tea Candle Competition

Updated: Feb 16

This activity takes around 15 minutes and requires some preparation. The budget can be adjusted to fit the needs of your family and is great for all ages!

Tea Candle Competition

Each person will take their turn blowing out a line of tea light candles in hopes of winning a prize. Whoever can blow out all the candles first gets the grand prize!

What You Will Need:

  • 1 Pack of Tea Lights

  • 1 Lighter

  • 5-10 prizes

The prizes you purchase will depend on how many people are participating and your budget! We chose various candies and small trinkets since we played with children and wanted each participant to get a few prizes. However, if you are feeling a little fancy or playing with teens or adults, you can do cash, tumblers, or some larger prizes!

How To Play


  1. Take the tea lights out of the packaging and put 10-20 candles in a straight line perpendicular to the edge of a non-flammable surface*

  2. Place 2-3 prizes at various places on the line of candles with the more "valuable" prizes being further away from you and a "Grand Prize" at the end of the line of candles

  3. Light the candles and you are ready to go!

Note that we did this activity on a wooden kitchen table and though nothing lit on fire, wax got on the table and it was difficult to clean up, so something like a countertop or even a tile floor would be more recommended!


  1. Each player will stand at the end of the line of lit candles furthest from the grand prize.

  2. They will have one chance (one breath) to blow out the candles in the line to get their desired prize.

  3. Whichever prize is closest to the last candle that was blown out is the prize that the player will get.

  4. Whoever can blow out all of the candles in one breath first wins the grand prize at the end of the candles.

Additional Tips:

  • To make this more difficult, you can add more candles to make the length that each person must blow out longer or mix up where the more valuable prizes are on the candle line so each person must be more strategic about which candles they are blowing out!

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