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About Us

jacque owner of keksi cookies

There was a rumor circulating for a time that there were once, cookies that existed in France during the reign of Charlemagne, that were better than ours. However, just a few years ago archeologists digging through ruins in the Northern regions of that country made the shocking discovery that those French bakers had, in reality, used lard in their cookies. We never have, never would, NEVER will. Thus, our claim was, and is, secure.

keksi Cookie Company co-founding wizards of business and industry, Sean and Derek, convinced Jacque that these cookies MUST be experienced and shared with the world; and let's face it ...these are, quite simply, the greatest cookies the world has ever known. Don't believe me? We dare you to try them. How do we make them as scrumptious as they are? keksi Cookies are handmade using only the finest ingredients like butter, 100% real cream, real vanilla, and high-quality chocolate chips.


Charlemagne's bakers were also at a decided disadvantage when it came to keeping their cookies fresh. The bakers of 793 AD were forced to pickle, salt, or smoke their cookies. Don't get us wrong, smoking is great for brisket, but much less so for chocolate chip cookies.

Another shared secret is that our cookies can be frozen for up to 3 months without losing any of their scrumptiousness. For best results, keep them in the fridge. Please don't allow your cookies to be kept out overnight on the counter. Popping them into the microwave and zapping them for maybe 10 or 12 seconds will give you a fresh out of the oven experience. This obviously doesn't apply to our cream cookies, as microwaving them will make them look like the Germanic Saxons after Charlemagne's army was done with them.

The Reign of


Our Values

 Having a strong family core is more important than ever. We are a family run business, committed to strengthening other families however we can.


Cookie bakeries are a dime a dozen these days, but quality cookies are not. Our secret recipes have been in the family for years and are exactly that, high quality.


We hate bad customer service just as much as you do. That is why we are committed to giving you the best service possible. Do not hesitate to reach out.

Customer Service

Our cookies are not your average run-of-the-mill treats. We scoff at the dry and crumbly cookies out there that are popping up like family of bunnies. These cookies all come from our base secret recipe that has been in the family for years.


Our cookies have standards. We use real butter, real vanilla, and chocolate chips of such high quality that they probably went to an Ivy League school. These are the greatest cookies on earth and just might be the most indulgent experience you can have without committing a grievous sin.

High-Quality Ingredients

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