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Easter Egg Toss

This activity can be as long or as short as you want, but it took us about 15 minutes. Suitable for all ages.

Easter Egg Toss

Is it just us, or is the year flying by? It is almost Easter, which if you did not know, is in March this year, so we are doing appropriately themed family activities. This one is called the Easter Egg Toss. See below for details:

What You Will Need:

  • Easter eggs

  • Flour

  • Space to play

The prizes you purchase will depend on how many people are participating and your budget! We chose various candies and small trinkets since we played with children and wanted each participant to get a few prizes. However, if you are feeling a little fancy or playing with teens or adults, you can do cash, tumblers, or some larger prizes!

How To Play

  1. Preparation: Gather plastic Easter eggs and fill them with flour, ensuring they are securely closed to prevent any accidental spills. Divide players into teams of two.

  2. Game Setup: Partners stand facing each other at a comfortable distance, ready to begin the toss.

  3. Toss and Step Back: The game starts with partners gently tossing the flour-filled egg back and forth between them. After each successful catch, both partners simultaneously take a step backward, increasing the distance between them.

  4. Challenge Intensifies: As the game progresses, the distance between partners increases, making the toss more challenging. Each successful toss and catch requires precision, coordination, and concentration to avoid mishaps.

  5. Goal: The ultimate objective is to keep the flour-filled eggs intact for as long as possible. The team that manages to maintain their egg's integrity at the greatest distance wins the game.

We loved playing this one, and hope you have as much fun as we did. As always you can up the stakes by offering prizes or other awards for the winners.

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