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Family Day At The Park

This activity can be as short or as long as you would like and requires little to no preparation.

two children sliding down a slide at the park
Keksi Family Day at the Park

Day at the Park

It's Spring Break here in Fort Worth! This week, we wanted to do something simple and fun with our whole family, so we headed to our favorite local park, took some cookies, and spent a few hours here eating and relaxing! Time together doesn't always need to be extravagant (or cost money) and the specific park we went to had so many amenities that all of the children (ages 2-13) had so much fun!

If you want to add to your time at the park, check out some of the other games we have posted as family nights here and on our social media pages! You could also bring a favorite game from home, a hammock, or a lunch/snack (we recommend Keksi cookies) to enjoy together. Happy Spring Break!

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