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BreezeSquare Family Night Activity

This activity takes around 15 minutes and requires little preparation.

keksi cookies family night acitivity
breezesquare game

BreezeSquare Family Night Activity

Welcome to the BreezeSquare family night activity, a game that combines skill and precision! Gather your family and a roll of tape to create a square on a wall. The objective is simple: keep a lightweight napkin within the square using only your breath.

What You Will Need:

  • Napkin

  • Painters Tape

The prizes you purchase will depend on how many people are participating and your budget! We chose various candies and small trinkets since we played with children and wanted each participant to get a few prizes. However, if you are feeling a little fancy or playing with teens or adults, you can do cash, tumblers, or some larger prizes!

How To Play

  1. Set Up the Square:

    1. Use tape to create a square on a wall at a comfortable height.

    2. The square should be large enough to provide a challenge but not too big to make it too easy.

  2. Get Your Napkin:

    1. Each player receives a lightweight napkin. Standard paper napkins work well for this game.

  3. Blow, Don't Touch:

    1. Players take turns trying to keep their napkin inside the square using only their breath.

    2. Blowing on the napkin is the only allowed method; touching it with hands or any other objects is not allowed.

  4. Time Your Turn:

    1. Use a timer or stopwatch to measure how long each player can keep their napkin within the square.

    2. Players can have multiple rounds to improve their skills.

  5. Winner Takes the Breeze Crown:

    1. The player with the longest cumulative time wins the BreezeSquare Challenge.

    2. For added fun, create a leaderboard and dish out some prizes to the winners.

Your lung power will be tested in this one. Good luck!

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