The Greatest Cookies on Earth

This might be the most indulgent experience you can have without

committing a grievous sin


When you look up the words gourmet cookies in the dictionary, you'll see pictures of our cookies (ok, that's not true, we just got a little carried away ...besides, you'd need to look up the words "gourmet" and "cookies" separately, so that really wouldn't work anyway). But, you will see all kinds of pictures of our gourmet, scrumptious cookies on this page!


Caramel Apple

 Others, not as committed to perfection, may have stopped after the green apple frosting, but not us. We’re nutty that way.


Texas Cowboy

Could this cookie BE any healthier? Well, probably. We could’ve added Kale, but we wanted it to actually be EDIBLE.


Peanut Butter Drizzle

You got chocolate in my peanut butter! You got peanut butter in my chocolate! Actually, we did all that on purpose…because it’s just plain, delicious. 


Pumpkin Spice

Yes, the obligatory Pumpkin Spice item. It isn’t Autumn without it, is it?


Cinnamon Roll

A cinnamon cookie with cinnamon chips, a brown sugar cinnamon drizzle, topped with a classic cinnamon roll icing. God bless America.


Chocolate Chip

In the beginning, there was the gourmet chocolate chip . . .  and Jacque realized that it was SCRUMPTIOUS! 

Fall Seasonal

Ginger Sugar Cookie

We didn’t invent the gingerbread cookie.  An Armenian monk named Gregory of Nicopolis did.  We just perfected it.


Sugar Cookie

Hey, sugar. Yes honey? No, I mean, we now have a sugar cookie topped with a delicious purple buttercream and Halloween sprinkles.


Texas Sheet Cake

There are reportedly tribes in New Guinea that actually worship this cookie. We're not sure who reported it, we didn't really check. 

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Hands down, without a doubt the BEST cookies I have ever eaten!! They should have named the company “ Morsels of Heaven “....because that is what they are!! I cant tell you which cookies are the best, but my favorites are Chocolate Chip and Texas Sheet Cake!!

Mackie H.