Baking Classes

How it Works

Each class is divided into tables, each table can have up to 6 people and there are only 3 tables per class. This means each class is limited to 18 people, so hurry and reserve a spot now before they fill up!

When you are ready to reserve your spot, you will pay by the table. Prices will vary depending on the skill level of the class. However, if you fill up a full table, generally the cost will be around $75 a person.

All equipment and ingredients needed to bake will be provided. Please arrive 15 minutes early before the start of the class. The instructors will begin teaching right at the start time so make sure to be there on time!

Private classes and events are available! Please follow the link listed below to fill out the form and we will get back to you within a business day or two.

There will be a 15-30 intermission while the goodies are getting baked. Feel free to bring your own food and drinks to eat during this period. 


Additionally, all participants in the class will be given a small gift bag or basket. You may also take home whatever baked goods you create during the class.


Alcohol and drugs are not permitted within the business park and you may be asked to leave if you bring some.